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Branded Food Packaging Boxes: Custom Size, Tailor Made & 100% Food Safe

Welcome to the ultimate destination for Custom Food Packaging. At the heart of Los Angeles, we provide caterers, food retailers, meal delivery services and bakeries with bespoke packaging solutions that do more than just hold food – they elevate your brand.

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Custom Food Trays - Bakery, Takeaway, Fish & Chip Boxes

Are you looking for custom food packaging solutions that stand out in the bustling food scene of Los Angeles? Welcome to LA Packaging Solution, where we offer uniquely designed food boxes that flawlessly blend quality and affordability.

The presentation of your food products is crucial in making a lasting impression on your customers – it enhances the perceived value and boosts your market presence. Thankfully, our custom designed, safe and affordable food packaging boxes are perfect for any event or business needs.

Versatile Packaging Options

Whether you’re boxing up savory sushi in oyster pail boxes or layering luscious cakes into bakery boxes, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of options, including:

  • Takeaway packaging: from pizza boxes to fish & chip boxes
  • Bakery needs: like cakecupcake, Donut and pastry boxes
  • Specialty containers: such as salad and sandwich boxes

Expert Design & Print

Our high-quality printing services ensure that your branding pops on every product, from tea boxes to beverage boxes. Stand out with vibrant, custom designs that command attention in the competitive food landscape of Los Angeles.

Why Choose LA Packaging Solution?

Our custom food safe boxes are more than just boxes; they are a gateway to ensuring customer satisfaction and making your brand memorable. Let us take you through why we are the ideal fit for your business:

  1. Quality Meets Affordability: We pride ourselves on offering the best of both worlds—excellent quality at competitive prices. Printed on FDA approved materials, our food packaging is both safe and eye-catching.  
  2. Exceptional Variety: We entertain a wide range of packaging needs from oyster pail boxes, cake boxes and pizza boxes, to beverage boxes and gusset bags. If you can name it, we can package it.  
  3. Superior Protection: We offer food safe printing and laminate both sides of our boxes for optimal protection. Our packaging materials follow FSIS food safety guidelines, keeping your food items fresh and safe.  
  4. Eco-friendly Options: Sustainability is key in today’s market. We provide options like kraft paper and recycled paper pulp boxes that are environmentally friendly without compromising the aesthetics.

Free Consultation & Shipping

Don’t know where to start? Our packaging experts offer a free consultation to discuss your needs. Get the perfect packaging order shipped to you with no extra cost – yes, free shipping!

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We’re dedicated to delivering not just the packaging but the service that ensures customer satisfaction. Our prolific range of food packaging materials and responsive customer support create seamless experiences, so you focus on what you do best – feeding LA’s appetite.

Ready to Transform Your Food Packaging?

If you’re based in Los Angeles and looking for Custom Food Packaging, choose a partner that brings quality, design prowess, sustainability and impeccable customer service to the table.

Capture the essence of your food items with custom printed food trays that speak volumes about your brand’s identity and ethos. Let’s create packaging that’s as appetizing as your food!

For queries and a free quote, reach out to us at:

Give us a call today or fill in our online form to discuss your food packaging needs and get started on your journey to captivating the hearts and palates of customers with packaging that stands out.

Are You Ready To Design Your Custom Food Packaging?

  1. Send us your design file and let our experts craft it into a beautiful reality.
  2. Not sure about the design? Our team can guide you through the process, ensuring your packaging requirements are met with flair and precision.
  3. Get a custom quote: Outline your packaging needs and we’ll provide you with a competitive price point.
Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes

Our services cater to a wide array of bespoke packaging solutions, ensuring each client’s unique requirements are impeccably met. We provide an extensive selection of customization options, including tailored sizes, artistic designs, a vibrant spectrum of colors, and exquisite finishing touches such as foil stamping, embossing, and debossing to elevate your packaging experience.

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